Why Stealth IS the Better Choice

We specialize in completing projects by any means necessary ensuring operational efficiency for our client’s day and night. Stealth has never failed in achieving this goal. Our field technicians have been trained to have a “whatever it takes approach” on all projects and have direct access to company management throughout all mobilizations.


We founded our company on the core ideal that properly executed, deadline-based operations keep critical systems up and running. With our 35 full in-house highly skilled construction technicians we maintain full control over project deadlines. In addition, we are ready to jump into action when needed 24/7 on urgently dispatched and emergency projects.

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Stealth Construction Philosophy

Commercial construction is not about just building great finished projects. Communication is critical now more than ever. Not just with the client, but with the architect, property owner, building manager and local officials as well. With every industry being slowly but surely brought into the digital age, change is constant and adaptation is key to success. Stealth knows the importance of real-time updates on progress and adapts to the client’s needs.


Handling all aspects of construction through a digitally focused framework makes everyone’s lives easier. We view our operations strategy with this in mind. We are not just a commercial contractor, we are first and foremost, problem solvers. Approaching construction with a problem-solver mentality helps eliminate many issues before they arise to stave off project disruptions or potential negative outcomes. From scrubbing plans for potential conflicting as-built conditions or to value engineer, we treat your project as if it were our own space resulting in the best possible finished product once completed.

Stealth’s Employee Atmosphere

Stealth talks a big game and we deliver above client expectations most of the time. How we do this is not just our management team. The skilled, intelligent, highly motivated and gifted employees we hire do the heavy lifting that our clients demand. They are the backbone of operations and keep your projects moving forward on deadline, on budget.How we maintain this high level of service is simple; we take care of our employees like they are our family. Every new hire interview starts with this statement.


We are not just a skilled team of construction professionals. Stealth rewards hard work and our employees have an unmatched loyalty in the construction industry. An exceptional field technician that shows up motivated, eager and hungry to go to work every shift. From helping apprentices to buy their first set of tools and truck to paying emergency bills that are unexpected, Stealth stands out and steps up.Every employee on our staff has a direct line of communication with upper management when needed. This family-oriented, community atmosphere within our company shows in every employee’s pride in craftsmanship and a badge of honor on a job well done.

Employee Atmosphere
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