Retail Projects


The retail industry in the US is valued at over $6 Trillion Dollars! That’s close to 30% of the entire US economy. Stealth knows that time is money and every day that you can’t open for business due to a permit correction or missed deadline is costing your business revenue. It isn’t uncommon for Stealth to be brought in halfway through a project underway by another GC to clean up the mess and right the ship.


Does your contractor not want to take on additional shifts to get the job back on track? We love the challenge and have built a reputation on “saving the day.” We always finish strong and welcome the chance to gain a new client through our strategic philosophy of listening to the clients needs and executing the solutions required. Bottom line; if you have a grand opening on a tight timeline, we are the contractor of choice for your business or corporation.

retail projects

Recent Retail Projects Completed Two Years Trailing


Store freezer addition/electrical/building modifications


Partial remodels


Full store painting projects


Emergency window boarding projects


Insurance covered building failures / human error damage claims


Merchandising related sales space modifications


Customer and employee safety repairs


Maintenance service calls

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